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moleman series: one times square building, my first post for 2009.. i’m pretty bleary-eyed and sleepy from last night.. so in the meantime, here’s the place where some blokes freezed their asses of watching jonas brothers.. lol..

19 replies on “moleman series: one times square building”

Great shot, really like the ghostlike people walking past, and no I didnt see the ball drop.. busy playing Fallout 3, hows that for a way to welcome 2009… 😉 and in a minute I will dive back in the game again… lol

jonas brothers irritate the hell outta me.. cool shot though. So you did this on New Years even on the Times square. only right that you did one for the series on this occasion. lovely. like that “people ghost” thing going on here 🙂

I missed some… vfxy isn’t showing me your latest. Being a big Moleman fan, I like this shot a lot. The ghostly hustle-bustle, the pinkish hue like a creepy mist (I’m glad you left it in)… really nice!

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