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bay ridge shore

..for a landscape, i pretty much screwed up the settings for this one and wasn’t able to set the proper depth to attain the acceptable overall sharpness.. it still looked salvageable, so here it is.. distortion and all.. 😀

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It looks fine rian. I like the way the dynamic skyrange is so dramatic on this landscape shot, and the sun shining on the bridge is exceptional. Nice smooth tones on the rocks too!

Compositionally, this is my favorite photo of yours, ever. This is a true artistic rendering of the bridge. The slight and expected distortion is easily fixed if you want it to be, but I think it’s unnecessary. The sharpness if perfect for the kind of day it was. Any sharper would look unrealistic. Rian… REALLY nice job on this!

I get a sense of being there on the beach. The rocks on the beaches of the west coast are so beautiful to me. Maine is the only state where I’ve seen anything similar. I’ve never seen the west coast except in images. Beautifully captured.

Excellent, really. It seems to be hdr, but i think it’s not, this too poetic 🙂
I like a lot your framing here, with the stones conducting the eyes to the bridge
You like bridges, isn’t it? 😉

well you know me – don’t have issues with softness or distortion. such a beautiful mood in this one with those heavy clouds and then the light on the horizon. i’m glad you posted it.

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