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..a couple of guys (the others are hiding somewhere) prepping their boat for sail.. it looks pretty brand new.. or well maintained.. or whatever they call them in seaman’s slang..

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13 steps’s a bench enticing me to take a seat while walking down Front Street in Bermuda..

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..taken on a walk somewhere in central park..

*i forgot to mention that yesterday’s image was from lawrence orchards somewhere in upstate new york..

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trudging onwards

..took me an hour to come up with this one.. tsk3.. i have to back off on playing around with those tweakies.. 😀

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in a pinch

..while shooting this one, a guy looking like a state trooper approached me and asked if i was with some newspaper or something like that (i guess, you’d have to have a permit for that sort of stuff).. eventually i convinced him that i was just some tourist going around the city.. so i got the usual tourist treatment with the obligatory tour + lecture.. 😀

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moleman series: st patrick’s cathedral

..ahh, monday…

..for those of you who haven’t ventured inside the st. patrick’s cathedral on fifth avenue, here’s what it looks like..

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..there’s a “V” there somewhere..

..i like that this hobby (shutterbug) opened up my “third eye”.. i’ve been here thrice but noticed this scene just recently..

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bermuda perfumery

..nothin’ much going on today.. here’s to smelling good.. ;D

..bermuda blue smells good..

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glare’s a new day..

..isn’t it great to be alive?

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..some decayed thingy on a table.. facts: what caused the peanut salmonella outbreak.. bird poop..

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cleopatra’s needle

..taken near the Great Lawn..

Cleopatra’s Needle (“L’aiguille de Cléopâtre” in French) is the popular name for each of three Ancient Egyptian obelisks re-erected in London, Paris, and New York City during the nineteenth century. The London and New York ones are a pair, while the Paris one comes from a different original site, where its pair remains. Although the needles are genuine Ancient Egyptian obelisks, they are somewhat misnamed as they have no particular connection with Queen Cleopatra VII of Egypt, and were already over a thousand years old in her lifetime. The Paris “needle” was the first to be moved and re-erected, and the first to acquire the nickname.

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green artist showcasing (and selling) her work..

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oohs and aahs

..a pair of ladies looking up at the flatiron building..

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ticker tape

..signs of the times..

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hang time’s the weekend! i feel like flying.. nah, i’ll just stay in bed..

..taken at the same time when i was out looking for the ‘manhattanhenge’ a few months back.. saw a biker doing some stunts for the CBS morning show thingy so i decided to drop by and shoot a few..

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what the..

..well, it’s friday the 13th and I was going over some photos to post when i saw this.. notice the lower right frame? yeah, weird, right? probably my camera strap.. flare.. or maybe not.. *insert sinister music here*

..same place where i shot this..

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..halfway done..let’s toil towards the weekend..

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weehawken view

..changed ISP at home and my pc was buggy, mr. cable man probably did something weird to it while i wasn’t there, so i’m back to a fresh install and still setting things up, will probably be a bit busy for a while..’s something taken from weehawken from a few months ago..

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..a little girl doodling on the street.. nyc rocks!? 😀

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moleman series: wall street makes the world go round, the world go round.. la la la..‘s something funny to watch this monday (and educational too.. i promise.. all that stuff about photographer’s rights etc. etc.)

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girl talk, so, what mall are we gonna hit up next?

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running man

..running man.. that’s a dance move, right?

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this is..

..the end of the line, it’s friday!

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..this here’s 432 broome street (as seen from google street view).. i’ve passed this place multiple times and often see bustling activity going on inside, however, this time, the door was closed and the mural looked good, so i snapped away.. as it turns out (according to google), this establishment is owned by Josh Hadar of Hadar Metal Designs.. and they make pretty wicked bikes.. check it out here..

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henry hudson

..the henry hudson bridge on the northern tip of manhattan.. there’s a boathouse there somewhere to the right.. i bet this looks great in spring.. or summer.. 🙂

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..taken at the bethesda terrace at central park the same place and time i got this one.. the right place, graffiti looks nice.. but “tagging” this place?! that’s just downright stupid & cruel.. yep, vandals spray painted this place.. read about it here..

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guggenheim a giant eye staring down at you..

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your moment of zen

..a graffiti-laden ATM somewhere off SoHo… Katsu – (Japanese). In Japanese zen, an expletive uttered by one who has had a breakthrough experience, such as solving a kōan or realizing enlightenment (bodhi; satori). In ordinary usage, it is a verb meaning ‘to win’ or ‘to gain dominance over’. There is also another word pronounced ‘katsu’ that occurs in Zen literature represented by a different Chinese character which means simply ‘to shout’.

..John Stewart from The Daily Show always ends his show with “your moment of zen”.. well, every payday for me is a moment of zen.. lol! and i end every atm transaction with an expletive.. haha..