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caribbean roof

..hurricane resistant roofs..

Nature Photos things

rock layers

..a snap of where i took a break while exploring bermuda’s coast..


whomping willow

..this one just reminded me of the whomping willow tree in harry potter..

..view this in mono..

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port of st. george

..the port of st. george, taken from barrack hill..

..view this in mono..

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somer’s wharf

..who says shopping ain’t fun?

Architecture Nightscape Photos street Urban

york street

..taken a few blocks away from here..

..that church over there is the St. Peter’s Church, which is believed to be the oldest Anglican church that is still in use in the Western hemisphere..

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..what’s behind door number 2?! well, technically this is a window..

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surround sound

..this alley has great acoustics..

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roofies and chimneys

..part of the view we had from the place we stayed in St. George’s..

Architecture Nightscape Photos street Urban

st. george’s police station

..a long exposure shot in front of the st. george’s police station.. try doing this in front of an NYPD station, let’s see what happens to you.. πŸ˜€



..still from the caves, some stalactites hanging from the cave’s ceiling.. an average growth rate of about 0.005 inches a year*, this 4 foot stalactite would be arout 9600 years..

*from wiki

Indoor Nature Photos

bermuda boat (part deux)

..okay, i decided to re-do thursday’s post and found another one of these bermuda boat photos.. enjoy! πŸ˜€

HDR Photos things


..i looked at yesterday’s image and it was ghastly (sorry about that).. i guess i need a monitor calibrator..

..shooting wide open at high iso was a good idea that time too.. i think i’ll just post some of those in my flickr later.. hehe..

..this here’s from the maritime museum.. the “swim with the dolphins” attraction is to the left..

Indoor Nature Photos things

bermuda boat

..looking at these pictures i had, i just noticed how similar these boats looked like..

..this one was taken at an underground lake in the fantasy caves.. the water was pretty clear and calm and the only thing disturbing it are the drops of water falling from the stalactites..

HDR Landscape Photos

flatt’s inlet

..i remember the wind blowing so hard that water was churning under flatt’s bridge (it’s somewhere in the left part of the frame, i think i’ll post another one later..) and through the inlet pretty hard while i took this..

..we were figuring out how to get to the crystal caves.. it was a long walk, good thing the friendly locals pointed us to the right direction.. ride a bus.. πŸ˜€

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three goats and a gun (reprise)

..remember this? well, i still have one more.. this one is taken a few steps further away from the first one..

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..okay, back to bermuda.. this what your monday feels like? my advise.. go drink coffee.. lots and lots of it.. πŸ˜€

..just in front of the high cave on last friday’s post, there’s a bunker that serves as a mini-museum.. these are the narrow paths criss-crossing it.. not good if you’re a claustrophobe..

Architecture street

scent back to trail

..if you look at THIS.. walk around to the right.. take a few steps.. turn right again.. take a few steps again.. turn around.. voila! you’ll see this.. the bermuda perfumery..

Architecture Photos street


..okay back to bermuda.. taken on a walk along front street, looking for some grub.. saw these pretty cool scaffolds that are a whole lot different than those i usually see in nyc.. that over there is the missus.. ;D

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aqua room

..i want a bedroom just like this one..

..taken at the aquarium..

abstract Architecture Photos

porthole’s something interesting i got from a morning walk around st. george’s.. πŸ™‚

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guv’s alley

..well, back to bermuda.. here’s a pink church to brighten up the start of the work week..

Architecture Photos street

no name lane

..i tawt i taw a puddy tat.. image below to see how this post’s title came to fruition..

No Name Lane

Architecture Photos

joseph stockdale

..home of Joseph Stockdale who brought the first printing press to the colony in 1783 and founded the Bermuda Gazette..

Architecture Panorama Photos street

doggie runway

..a few steps away, a doggie runway..

..look at the image below to see what i’m talking about.. πŸ™‚

Doggie Runway

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nea’s cottage

..stayed close to home and walked around.. there was a lot of stuff to see..

abstract Automobile Photos street Urban

fast food

..chinese fast food.. bermuda style.. a few blocks from where we stayed..

..thanks to all who passed by here the past few days, i’ll be back to visiting in a sec.. lemme just take a nap.. ;D

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moldy roofs

..this is the roof of the place where we stayed, i’m not sure if those black growth are molds though..

Nature Photos


..looks so good from up here.. down there’s not so bad either.. today’s gonna be dreary.. tsk3..

Enfuse Landscape Nature Photos


..looks like an ashtray, no?

..another Enfuse experiment, a three-shot blend.. it still strips the exif but i was able to salvage it by adding the original layer under it.. took about 3-5 seconds to process 3 images, so it’s pretty fast.. no auto align feature yet, so had to do it in PS.. it does exhibit a bit of “halo-ing”..have to read up more about it..

..btw, this was taken somewhere in bermuda.. πŸ™‚

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..a couple of guys (the others are hiding somewhere) prepping their boat for sail.. it looks pretty brand new.. or well maintained.. or whatever they call them in seaman’s slang..

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13 steps’s a bench enticing me to take a seat while walking down Front Street in Bermuda..

Landscape Nature Photos

stairway to..

..explored the tip of pembroke parish and found this stairway leading down into the water.. i was tempted to wade towards those small islands but thought better of it.. πŸ˜€


blue boat

..okay, some complained about the featureless sky (including me), some liked the featureless sky (including me).. so i thought of doing a little bit of (sloppy) work and added a blue sky with fluffy clouds.. whee! (now i’m off to bed..)

..there are several ways to go about exploring the islands.. walking, taxi, bus, car, bike and scooter.. the latter option was what i chose during my first day there.. it came with a helmet with the company’s name emblazoned on the forehead, as if to let the locals know that i’m a tourist and a pretty ignorant bloke who’s used to driving at the right side of the road, (they drive at the left side of the road) roads which were pretty skinny, cars were the size of mini coopers.. speed limit was 35kph but everyone was driving faster than that so i sometimes floored the gas on long stretches of the road which was pretty cool, but admittedly dumb.. equipped with a bunch of maps i think i covered a lot of places even though it was raining/drizzling.. i was pretty soaked but had a lot of fun.. and i got home in one piece (despite a few close calls)

..this one was taken on a bay on the western tip of pembroke parish after a 30-minute drive through the blinding drizzle..

Landscape Nature

big fishy

..i’m pretty much threatened by any fish bigger than a foot swimming beside me, and as tempted as i was to take a dip,  with no one in sight, i thought it prudent to stay clear of the water.. πŸ˜€ who knows, a shark might have been lurking down there too.. i think i’ve been watching too much shark week..

Most people donÒ€ℒt know it, but sharks are extremely common in BermudaÒ€ℒs waters. The good news is that sharks on the whole, and especially the ones found around Bermuda, are extremely harmless creatures which rarely come close to the shore. More often than not, sharks will try and avoid direct contact with humans.

The most abundant types found around Bermuda are the Galapagos and dusky sharks, both noted for being particularly passive. The last reported shark attack in Bermuda was a minor incident over 30 years ago. ()

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..end of the weekend..

..the kiddies are off to school, and the oldies are off to work..


globe hotel

..and of course i heard about the US Airways crash in NYC.. of the eight flights i took, four of them were US Airways planes inbound/outbound of NYC.. eek!

..walking around the parish of St. George, here’s the Globe Hotel, which isn’t a hotel but is in fact a museum..

..another thing that i liked about Bermuda are the pastel-colored houses and structures.. they’re cute.. πŸ˜€

Bermuda National Trust Museum in the Globe Hotel

It was built by Governor Samuel Day c. 1700, on Government land using Government slaves and materials. When his administration ended he claimed it for his own, and a long court case began. Before its conclusion, however, Governor Day died in prison and never learned that his audacious claim had been successful.

During the American Civil War the Confederate agent, Major Norman Walker, had his office here, so it is the appropriate location for the ‘Rogues & Runners – Bermuda and the American Civil War’ exhibition.

..following Elaine‘s advise, I subtly HDR’d this 2-image pano.. πŸ˜€

Photos Sculptures

sir george somers

..after a total of eight connecting flights (round trip), i’m back.. and since i noticed that i was gone for two days, instead of going straight to bed, i thought, “what the heck..”

..and despite the weather, to say that i didn’t enjoy the trip would be totally ridiculous.. in fact, i was out most of the time even if it was raining.. hah! πŸ˜€

..and as i was roaming around St. George, i saw this statue of Sir George Somers (info below), in a pose (sans the smile) mirroring my lamentations against mother nature..

Admiral Sir George Somers (1554-1610) was a British naval hero. Born in Lyme Regis, Dorset, the son of John Somers, his first fame came as part of an expedition led by Sir Amyas Preston against the Spanish navy in 1595. He is remembered today as the founder of the English colony of Bermuda, also known officially as the Somers Isles. (more..)

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..i’m here in bermuda up until saturday and the weather isn’t cooperating.. aaargh.. the scenes and vistas that have tremendous potential turn out flat and boring, a series of bermuda images in mono aren’t what i was looking forward to but it seems that’s what i have to do to remedy the booring sky.. or maybe composites.. oh well, work with what you have..

..okay, impressions? hmm.. lemme see, well, the thing that really impressed me the most is the water’s clarity and color.. i mean, it’s really friggin’ clear!! ..and blue..

Why is the sea turquoise?

The sea around bermuda is very blue in comparison to many other places because phytoplankton levels are low. Phytoplanktons are microscopic plants which are found in the water. In abundance, phytoplankton can turn the sea colour green, brown or even red. The water around Bermuda is low in nutrients and therefore there is not a lot of phytoplankton.