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three goats and a gun (reprise)

..remember this? well, i still have one more.. this one is taken a few steps further away from the first one..

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Going back to the previous shot, i’m wondering which i prefer. Maybe the first one, for some reason i can’t really explain (the composition?).
Both display a beautiful light. And as was already mentioned, the contrast between the peaceful spot and the canon is interesting.

You just missed the yellow submarine 😉
You have a good material here, Rian, but I think you should crop it to remove the horizon (coast) and a half of the grass at left and in the foreground, in 2/3, to only concentrate on the cow, the gun and the stairs, this is the strong and beautiful subject here, not the landscape, my 2 cents 😉

I laughed after seeing your comment because my first thought after seeing this shot was, “I remember that”…from visiting Bermuda many moons ago. For the weather not being so great, you sure have captured a lot of great shots. Love the vista here…beautiful.

My first impression of this was that I didn’t care what the picture was of at all. The unique colors are so good together that it could have been a big blur and still fantastic. THis is a very interesting and beautiful place and the goats, the gun and the wisping grass did not go to waste on me either. Nice!!!

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