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..i looked at yesterday’s image and it was ghastly (sorry about that).. i guess i need a monitor calibrator..

..shooting wide open at high iso was a good idea that time too.. i think i’ll just post some of those in my flickr later.. hehe..

..this here’s from the maritime museum.. the “swim with the dolphins” attraction is to the left..

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Very nice. Interesting composition. Like stripes of color and texture. Well done.
About yesterdays photo… are you nuts? That picture was really nice! Take that ‘ghastly’ thing off there!

i seem to remember you not being happy with your bermuda skies when you were there but the ones in recent bermuda posts have been fantastic. i like how the sky/cloud texture here works with the surface of that wall.

haha. i have that reaction when i jump from my home machine (way too bright imac designed for showing movies) to my work computer (pro-calibrated pro display) and go ‘holy shit that image is too dark’ haha. ah well. love the textures in this one. all over. like crinkled paper or something but they’re in the sky and on the building .. just everywhere. very cool.

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