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moleman series: grand central terminal

..shifting gears from “earth week” (those nature-oriented photos i’ve been putting up lately) and going back to the thing i like most, concrete.. 😀 here’s another take of grand central terminal.. previous one is found here..

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A spectacular fisheye shot. I like the Metlife in a straight line with which looks impossible with this lens, but there it is! 🙂 Very nice shot.

This is gorgeous. Not a lot of pics of that great ceiling. I guess people just don’t know how to get it right. But you do! Fantastic. I take the shuttle here quite a lot and have never had my camera to take a photo of this beautiful place. My parent’s neighbor owns a few arrchitectural elements from before the restoration and I wish I could work a deal. I love this place.

your love for this type of work really shows. nice to see more of these.

that dotted line on the ceiling grabs me and pulls me right in to this. seems perfectly placed in the frame and also seems to work so well with the curves in this composition.

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