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street view

..what do you do when you wanna capture manhattan a-la vincent laforet but can’t justify the moolah to get a ‘copter? get up the tallest building you can find and dangle your camera out the ledge, and voila.. (just make sure to wrap the strap around your wrist..)

..this here’s looking up the north face of the empire state building..

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A beautiful cityscape with lots of detail and color. Well worth the little risk of holding your camera out over the abyss! Nice one.

Excellent! Love the curve of it. Like you’re on your own little planet. The city kind of looks like it’s made of cardboard. Really fantastic! I’m not sure about the dangling thing, though. Dangling the camera, I mean.

Great shot but I feel queasy just looking at it (I don’t like heights) good thing there are photographers like you willing to get close to the edge with your camera.

I like how this worked, I imagine that, depending upon the time and the day, a variety of different results could come from this vantage point. When I was up there it was a bit overcast. I want to try at night, maybe with a monopod. I bet that is an incredable sight.

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