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urban soccer: 1 on 1

..seeing that soccer is not among the top sports played in north america (i just googled it), i guess it’s wise to bring the game to the crowd for them to appreciate it..

..moving on, i posted a link a few days ago about “participating” in the NYPH (NY Photo Festival) 2009.. well, i got an email a while ago and one of my images were shown via slideshow and they took a picture of it and sent it to me.. yay! (you’ll have to excuse me, i get pleased easily.. ;D )


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A fine “action” capture! Even with this much blurred feet, the game is obvious as is the nonchalance of the girl’s not watching! 😉

Bravo, Rian! The smallest of pleasures like that can be so meaningful. And yes, you’re right about soccer here in the States but I’ll have you know that my 8-year-old g’son has already played it several seasons already. 🙂

Another nice one!
I did it, too at your suggestion and got my pic yesterday! Hey, I’m oddly flattered when people steal my photos and display them on their facebook pages! We’re so easy.

Congratulations, Rian! I like this image too. Very good action. Matthew played soccer one season and loved it. I liked watching it too, but the coaches didn’t teach him anything because they didn’t know the rules…lol

Congrats Rian that is very cool! I would be pleased as well if it was me!! Anyways on to this shot what a cool find this is finding people playing soccer on a city street! Great sense of motion too!

it’s a nice fuzzy feeling, eh, mike? 😀
haven’t seen anyone pilfering my work on facebook (yet) but i guess i’ll also feel mildly flattered.. 😀

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