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waiting for light trails

..i remember waiting for some trains to pass by for me to catch some light trails from this perspective, but my patience was running thin, so here’s the dark underbelly of the manhattan bridge..

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I would have been scared to death under this. A strange reaction and surprising even for me, but for some reason it looks overwhelming. The image itself is quite magnificent.

Wow Rian, this is a brilliant shot! Love your point of view and strong lines in the frame. The reflections as soft and contrast nicely with the strength of the bridge. Bravo!

This photo is so fantastic, but even neater is the effect when I scrolled down it was as if the bridge was getting further away from me – what a cool effect Rian!

you know what Rian – i think i like it better without the light trails. the image feels very clean this way. love that gold against the pale sky.

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