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waiting a city as big as nyc (or any big city for that matter), how often do you experience this kind of isolation? what do you do when you find yourself immersed in it? well, for starters, you could whip out that camera of yours and start shooting of course.. ;D

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This is most excellent Rian! A great perspective and depth of field. I love the symmetry, that one blue screen to the left throwing a proverbial monkey wrench in the otherwise perfect symmetry, I love that!

Your choice of viewpoints has given you a very strong image of the foreground bench.
The isolation is amazing in such a normally busy place. Fine shot.

Normally this is a bunch of shots merged into Photoshop to gain this kind of isolation. Great shot with all that symmetry and the whole place to yourself. Great sharpness and nice, warm grays!

Another great composition with that fantastic wide angle lens…speaking of which…you aren’t helping me talk myself out of one, ya know! 😉

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