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lower east bridges

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manhattan bridge

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bike lane

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light the path



..vibe = vibrant, get it? 🙂 i’m obviously running out of titles..

..anyways, if you wanna view this in mono click here..

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waiting for light trails

..i remember waiting for some trains to pass by for me to catch some light trails from this perspective, but my patience was running thin, so here’s the dark underbelly of the manhattan bridge..

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a path, a park, and a bridge

..well, i guess i’m a sucker for bridges like some of you noticed.. 🙂

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tilting the blues

..well, i’ve nothing much to say so, have fun with these specs..

City of New York
Manhattan Bridge
1901 – 1910

Total Length of Bridge
6855 Feet
Length of Main Span
1470 Feet
Length of Each Side Span
725 Feet
Width of Bridge
120 Feet
Height of Towers, M.H.W. To Center Of Cables
324.4 Feet
Depth of Trusses
24 Feet
Diameter of Cables
21 1/4 Feet
Breaking Strength of Each Cable
30000 Tons
Weight of Steel Towers
12340 Tons
Weight of Steel Cables
8000 Tons
Weight of Steel Suspended Spans
20000 Tons
Weight of Steel Approaches
16600 Tons
Masonry-Tower Foundations
78000 Cu. Yards
230000 Cu. Yards
32700 Cu. Yards
Weight of Bridge Per Linear Foot
24000 Pounds
Weight of Each Anchorage
232000 Tons
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eiffel tagged

..haven’t gone out shooting for a while now, just stayed at home tagging some 453 gigs of photos.. i still have a bunch of goodies here so bear with me.. 🙂

..same place where i shot this..

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city of bridges

what’s not to love about this city that’s bounded by bridges..

except for the ‘being lonely’ part.. here’s a great article from the NYTimes about newcomers to NYC..

*shot from the staten island ferry (free ride)

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a bridge from DUMBO

Another one of those places that has been shot to death, the Manhattan Bridge from DUMBO.

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Thanks to the equinox, I got to visit Manhattan Bridge again.  I didn’t even reach the halfway point, it was a bit breezy the time I got there so I settled for this “Eiffel-like” shot.

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Exit Strategy

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Twin Bridges

Architecture Landscape Photos Urban

Manhattan Bridge

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Cold days like this make you want to cower in the warmth of your bed or in our case, surf movies in our local theater. We were planning to watch Cloverfield but got tickets for Mad Money instead to qualify for the “early bird” rate (yeah, we’re cheapskates). It was a good thing that the former didn’t go first, lest we suffered dizziness & headaches throughout the day – my temples are still throbbing while writing this. I mean, really, it was a poor judgement on our part not to read about the movie before hand. Honestly, it was crap. The remedy for our headache may have been the next movie, Meet the Spartans, which was totally hilarious. I highly recommend this.

The nightscape pano above was taken at DUMBO last December. On the movie Cloverfield, they obliterated the Brooklyn Bridge. Watching a monster rampage around Manhattan feels kind of weird because the setting is so familiar. It makes you wonder what to do if you were in their (the characters) place. It still doesn’t change the fact that the “shaky camera” style sucked big time.