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..the last of the series.. i still have one more batch to dump in flickr but in the meantime, here’s what’s in that set so far.. enjoy.. 🙂

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You have captured the oldies but goodies, Rian…the icons and logos of an era some of us remember. Long live those days in our collective memory! 🙂

Beautiful filling of the frame. The red is so rich and I love the chrome. I’m surprised to see the bit of damage. That is damage, right? I barely remember this style (not when they were new, btw:-) It was such a striking model.

Great series Rian. Really love this shot, like the crop and the rich red with the dazzling shiny chrome. My father owned the same BelAir, and I remember it very well, it was like a powder blue.

I had my husband look at this pic. He says that has to be a reflection and not damage because nobody with a car this beautiful would take it to a show with damage. An optical illusion for me. I still see a jagged edge. Reflections do some pretty amazing things.

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