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up up and away

..wifey was the one who noticed this, i had to squint to find out where it was.. a good tip for photo walks is to bring someone along with better eyesight than you do.. 😀

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Let wifey spot them and YOU take them. Sounds like a winning combination, Rian! Astrid always surprises me by what she sees while on our photo hunts…things I would miss totally and altogether. This is such a superb capture!

Just a coincidence that we are next to each other….
I am glad you have your wifey with you, I am glad I have my wifey with me too, two see more than one.
Beautiful picture and composition.

What a fine capture of this elusive and nearly silent “bird” so high in the sky. Your shot has more detail than I would have ever expected. Very well done. And a “thanks” to wifey for seeing it!

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