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..wifey walking along Dauphin Island beach, taken the week before the booms were put in place around the island..

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Such a terrible tragedy. It’s going to hurt in so many ways. Your image here doesn’t give away the sludge or whatever it’s called. It’s quite beautiful. I like how your wife’s hair is blowing in the wind.

as soon as this came up i thought about the spill. your framing and processing here are really great. the mood mixes the joy of the ocean and wind and the heartbreak of things like spills.

Beautiful tones; I like how the sand is as blue as the sky. It looks like such a lovely place to be; I hope it isn’t being ruined by the oil, but there sure doesn’t seem to be a solution available yet.

Nice tidepool. Nice wifey shadow. Cool cyan tone. I immediately thought Africa when I saw it. Funny how shapes pop up in your mind. Very Nice Rian.

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