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..start the new year right, bury yourselves in debt.. lol.. these “sale” signs are everywhere..

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great colors. the long exposure really brought out some neat stuff. the juxtaposition of red lettering and green window sill is especially spectacular though.

Cool shot, and yes better to think twice than to jump on every for sale item that comes up 🙂

Nice movement of a potential buyer or maybe it is a car escaqping 😉

This is a wonderful shot. I love the bright color accents and the long exposure showing the cars taht drove by. This is a very well composed shot. Have a wonderful new years!

What’s a sa-le? 🙂 Since sale in Spanish means “leave,” I’ll go with that…and save my money by not entering the store to begin with. Fun capture.

in NYC? Hopefully that’s a place to bargain but given what I’ve heard about NYC’s real estate it’s hugely overpriced, but for the location it should be worth it. Great shot!

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