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city of bridges

what’s not to love about this city that’s bounded by bridges..

except for the ‘being lonely’ part.. here’s a great article from the NYTimes about newcomers to NYC..

*shot from the staten island ferry (free ride)

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Still long to visit, but have not got around to it. A beautiful panaorama. One day….. A free ride on the ferry, it’s definately not England then!! ha ha 🙂

A fine panorama of this famous bridge. I’ve yet to visit NYC but still have hopes! I like the detail and color of this shot very much. An effective image.

personally I think we don’t have enough bridges! lets put the “canal” back in Cana l Street and build some nice bridges over it! get that old Amsterdam feel!

a-ha! thanks, but contest?! hmm.. nah, i guess i’ll just wait for adorama poster printout prices to go down a bit then i’ll have it printed and post it in my room! whee! 🙂

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