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moleman series: columbus circle (night)

..very much like Grover saying.. “this is near, this is far.. this is near, this is far”.. now, listen to the Moleman say to you “this is night, this is day.. this is night, this is day the title says, this is the night shot of the day shot i posted awhile back.. makes sense? good..

..*spoiler alert* i wouldn’t click those last links if i were you.. they’re just the same links as the ones before them.. 😀

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Normally i don’t like lens deformation, but here, I must recognize it’s wonderful and maybe the best way to catch this subject, and sometimes buldings (bottom up).
Your idea of the the same image at day and at night is brilliant. Well Done!

Still very cool…I remember that globe sculpture. I believe it was moved there after it was damaged in the attacks on 9/11. On a lighter note, the exposure here is well done…you seem to be having way too much fun with that fisheye!

thanks! 🙂

yep, had lots of fun with this one.. i planned on monopolizing picturesque fisheyes in nyc, at least the “project” came to fruition.. 😀

This one caught me by surprise. At first glance with the trees against the wall at the top, I thought it was daytime. After seeing the other portion and noticing it was a night capture I realized the trees were against a wall instead of the sky. These fisheye captures really are intriguing and keep me on my toes:-)

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