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..two sides of the coin, the opposite of this one..

..shot from just 4(?) feet away, i honestly didn’t want to look like an ass shooting this one but when finding a tourist attraction like this, sans the mob, i took advantage of the opportunity and shot all angles.. even this one.. 😀 ..and yeah, most of the time i find people taking pictures of and with both ends of this structure.. funny, right? some pranksters even had the guts to paint the ‘nuts’ blue when the financial crisis started..

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I have to imagine it does have to feel odd standing there trying to compose this shot wondering what people around you are thinking. Good thing you found a moment when no one else was around.

lol! that’s awesome 🙂 there’s a statue of a pair of panties in between the ankles of a pair of legs that stop just past the knee somewhere in downtown prague. we spent quite a bit of time climbing around that thing one night 🙂

lol!!! The smart ass, redneck from Texas thinks this is your best work to-date. If you want to take the bull by the horns you will need to go around to the other side

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