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blacksher hall

..a particular stretch of road leading into downtown Mobile is Government Street.. it’s lined on both sides with **okay, get ready for this** “antebellum architectural examples of Greek Revival, Gothic Revival, Italianate, Creole cottage, various Victorian types, shotgun types, Colonial Revival, Tudor Revival, Spanish Colonial Revival, Beaux-Arts and many others..” **whew, that’s a mouthful.. got that from wikipedia** such specimen is the Blacksher Hall.. (from their website)

Blacksher Hall is a beautiful example of Edwardian Neo-Classical architecture,
providing exquisite grandeur to Government Street and the Historic Garden District of Mobile.

Blacksher Hall is complemented with period furnishings and set in park-like surroundings.
It is one of the most sought-after private party venues in Mobile, and continues
to host special events for individuals and corporations including:

  • Weddings and Receptions
  • Extravagant Cocktail Parties
  • Elegant Fundraising Events
  • Seated Dinners

The family owned and operated mansion features elegant touches such as
a 60 foot wide classical front porch, grand mahogany entrance with beveled glass
leading to a 2 story entrance hall, a spectacular mahogany main staircase,
stained glass skylights and jeweled windows, a ballroom with grand piano,
and lovely antique furnishings and paintings throughout.

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WOW! This is a great place to hold a wedding or other huge once in a lifetime events or any kind of big event. Very very nice photo and the bright lively colors make everything better. (it’s raining heavily here in northern California and I just needed to see something like that LOL)

i had a friend that lives in mobile and i was looking at real estate listings with her, it’s shocking the price of gorgeous houses down there!! great shot man!! and your comment on my page made me smile ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve actually seen this place. Mobile has some wonderful old structures and they’ve done pretty well at preserving them. John’s 3rd Great Uncle was Governor of Alabama and resided in Mobile so I’ve studied the area. Wonderful capture.

that’s an awesome house and a great composition to boot. the eclectic nature of the street seems like it would be a bit overwhelming but with huge yards and the immensity of the architecture maybe its only swallowable in bite-sized chunks anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

Well man, you’ve been sightseeing ๐Ÿ™‚ There is a lot of great buildings in the south, or so I have heard, this is a beauty and it is beautifully captured. ๐Ÿ™‚

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