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..still along Government Street, a few blocks down from yesterday’s post.. here’s one of those southern homes that still stands proud..

..walking down the sidewalk with nary a soul in sight and surrounded by these southern houses got me thinking about scenes of Anne Rice’s ‘Witching Hour’.. as curious as i am about these houses, i just stuck to the sidewalk for fear of Lasher, the pervy antagonist in Anne Rice’s book.. 😀

*.. and here’s the link to the bikers from last saturday.. check it out if you’re into bikes and all that.. and you could probably help me identifying what models they are too..

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This is a beautiful house. I have always dreamed of living in a house like this because I have spent all my life living in cities that are very crowded and where real estate is very expensive and affording a home like this is not possible even in dreams

wow, what a house! tho i’ve never read anne rice, i had one book of hers sitting around for a while ‘violin’ but never read it… sorry, can’t help ya with the bikes… great pic!

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