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sir george somers

..after a total of eight connecting flights (round trip), i’m back.. and since i noticed that i was gone for two days, instead of going straight to bed, i thought, “what the heck..”

..and despite the weather, to say that i didn’t enjoy the trip would be totally ridiculous.. in fact, i was out most of the time even if it was raining.. hah! 😀

..and as i was roaming around St. George, i saw this statue of Sir George Somers (info below), in a pose (sans the smile) mirroring my lamentations against mother nature..

Admiral Sir George Somers (1554-1610) was a British naval hero. Born in Lyme Regis, Dorset, the son of John Somers, his first fame came as part of an expedition led by Sir Amyas Preston against the Spanish navy in 1595. He is remembered today as the founder of the English colony of Bermuda, also known officially as the Somers Isles. (more..)