blue boat

..okay, some complained about the featureless sky (including me), some liked the featureless sky (including me).. so i thought of doing a little bit of (sloppy) work and added a blue sky with fluffy clouds.. whee! (now i’m off to bed..)

..there are several ways to go about exploring the islands.. walking, taxi, bus, car, bike and scooter.. the latter option was what i chose during my first day there.. it came with a helmet with the company’s name emblazoned on the forehead, as if to let the locals know that i’m a tourist and a pretty ignorant bloke who’s used to driving at the right side of the road, (they drive at the left side of the road) roads which were pretty skinny, cars were the size of mini coopers.. speed limit was 35kph but everyone was driving faster than that so i sometimes floored the gas on long stretches of the road which was pretty cool, but admittedly dumb.. equipped with a bunch of maps i think i covered a lot of places even though it was raining/drizzling.. i was pretty soaked but had a lot of fun.. and i got home in one piece (despite a few close calls)

..this one was taken on a bay on the western tip of pembroke parish after a 30-minute drive through the blinding drizzle..