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..i’m here in bermuda up until saturday and the weather isn’t cooperating.. aaargh.. the scenes and vistas that have tremendous potential turn out flat and boring, a series of bermuda images in mono aren’t what i was looking forward to but it seems that’s what i have to do to remedy the booring sky.. or maybe composites.. oh well, work with what you have..

..okay, impressions? hmm.. lemme see, well, the thing that really impressed me the most is the water’s clarity and color.. i mean, it’s really friggin’ clear!! ..and blue..

Why is the sea turquoise?

The sea around bermuda is very blue in comparison to many other places because phytoplankton levels are low. Phytoplanktons are microscopic plants which are found in the water. In abundance, phytoplankton can turn the sea colour green, brown or even red. The water around Bermuda is low in nutrients and therefore there is not a lot of phytoplankton.