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park street’s subway, the oldest subway in america..

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A fine shot of this mural in the subway. It’s a great way to remind people of the premiere place Boston has in the development of subways. Very nice shot.

I had no idea it was the oldest subway in America…of course what would I know about subways? I’ve never been in one. Sometime I may have the opportunity. I like the stained glass. Lots of interesting designs there.

The first subway, this is something to boast about. Pardon my ignorance but I get confused by subways due to multiple usage of the word. Is this an underground train system or is this a pedestrian subway meant for people to cross the roads?

I love subways and this mural is splendid. Trying to find out who painted it. Reminds me of Ralph Fasanella, a primitive painter who worked as a union organizer, a machinist and a gas station owner. He died in 1997 at 83 years old. He is known for paintings of factory workers, subway riders, and other urban and industrial scenes.

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