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..buddhist monks enjoying the view..

ei, bro.. this is soooo zen!

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This makes a fine street shot with the walkers and cars whizzing by. The monks colorful dress add to the interest and eye-catching quality of your shot…which is very good!

great portrait. and great colors too. i like the blue reflected in the street and the way that orange is spread around. even the clouds are working for you, pulling your eye down the bridge railing from the top. cool shot.

Obviously the path to enlightenment is talking on a cell phone while crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. Seems easier than sitting still for long periods of time.

Well, this is just odd. Maybe not odd exactly… surprising. They’ll need to double up on their Zen bit after walking across that busy bridge. Great, happy expression. Love the picture. The orangy color of their outfits really pop off the screen. Loving the sky!!! Fantastic!

A great candid shot! The orange clothes are very eye-catching, but it’s just an entrance point for reading this picture. There are so many details to look at!

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