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..pretty pooped from a new year’s resolution i’m trying to observe.. i don’t wanna mention it though, maybe later when i have successfully finished it.. 😀 the meantime, here’s some squiggly posts up in the cloisters..

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looks like a very nice trail to take a walk on, great colors and processing on this. oh yeah, the food shots can be salivating and will come to an end soon! lol!

A great collection of curves in this shot. I especially like the wide range of focus from right under foot to the most distant point. Nice one.

I didn’t see the tiny people in the back first, where the chains conduct…
They bring another dimension to the image, you may consider to make them more visible, a little brighter, to better conduct the eye over there. My 2 cents 🙂

A resolution that makes you pooped was hastily made. All of my resolutions contained the phrase ‘while reclining’. It’s working out for me.
Like this pic. The color tone and the winding nature of it give it an organic feel.
You do get around…. (while reclining). Yes, I add it to everything… just in case.

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