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moleman series: zuccotti park

..whee! the “moleman” won a photo contest.. well, technically, i didn’t win it, someone else did.. but the photo that won the competition was “moleman-ey” / “moleman-esque” (or so i’d like to call it..) check out page 42 of popphoto’s january 2009 magazine.. if you don’t have it, then check it out here.. looks familiar? yep, leslie wargo noticed it a while ago too.. it’s the first and second photos of the “moleman series” taken last october.. and alex’s photo won the grand prize! whee! to alex’s credit, he took this shot last july so he had this idea before i did.. i was just a few months late.. wah!

..and while we’re on the topic of talking about the “moleman”, i’d say my main inspiration for starting the series goes out to archie from whose fishtown photo totally blew my mind and had me looking at NYC thru a fisheye.. 😀 on to the image, taken from lower manhattan’s zuccotti park, this here’s mark di suvero’s 70-foot-tall red steel sculpture Joie de Vivre, which anchors the park’s southeast corner.. it’s northwest corner is decorated by j. seward johnson’s Double Check, a dark bronze sculpture of a man with a briefcase, which sat in the original park for early 20 years and was relocated after 9/11.. i guess i was subconsciously thinking of archie’s spokes & legs shot when i saw this sculpture.. 😀

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I really like the triangular effect shown here on this shot Rian. It’s wonderful to have this fisheye lens toy to work with urbanized places like NYC. I envy you lol.

Very cool Rian, I thought that it was quite amazing. As soon as I saw it I thought of the Atlas photo and looked back to find it on your site. This moleman series is excellent. Great work.

Nice shot angle…love the color and lines…accentuates the perspective of the fisheye. That’s a crime you didn’t win the contest created in your honor! I demand a recount…or…or…I’ll sue their pants off. I will be the next junior senator from the great state of Illinois…or is that Minnesota….uh, sorry. Got a little carried away…

You’re a hoot…I love it. “I won a contest, but not technically. Someone else won it” lol bigtime. Thank you for writing that. You always have a cheerful word. Love the image too.

the red bars add an interesting tension. there’s open sky up there but then there’s this hemmed in feeling with those bars. makes it very interesting. and congratulations on your ‘win’!

The whole series is very cool and full of great pictures… as this is, like hwo the viewer is under the triangle… and lots of light and reflections here too. Cool

Would it be politically incorrect to say I like your shots more than the winner’s (Alex)? There is something more clinical, predictable and studied about his work that I find impersonal and therefore not as interesting. Anyway like this shot a lot – it has a surprising pov.

aww.. thanks! that’s so sweet of you.. 😀 but let’s leave it at that.. it’s a well deserved win.. it’s just that i find it so cool that the idea and concept of that image had an impact on a lot of people and won the competition.. that’s why i decided to share it here.. 😉

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