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words of wisdom

..went off to biloxi, ms last saturday..took a walk along the beach before feeding the casino’s slot machines..

..i guess the reason why these signs were put up was because of some numbskulls who jumped and hit their head on something..

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I’ve been to Biloxi many a time, but not since Katrina. Are the grand old homes still standing across the road from the beach front? Are the huge pipes still jutting out into the water along the beach front? Did you realize what those were for? They carry the city sewage into the sea. The posting should say, “Swim at your own risk”. I like this capture. Not just an odd sign, but a wonderful composition.

i flickr’d biloxi before the trip and there were a lot of post-katrina images there.. it looks like they’re recovering and the casinos are slowly coming back.. haven’t seen those grand old homes yet or i probably haven’t noticed them.. i just walked down the beach and i did see those big pipes.. eew.. lol! 🙂 thanks!

The lighting and shadows are fascinating in this shot Rian. Interesting sign, imagine someone tried jumping off of this bridge. Excellent perspective, also love the structure on the right, looks like a lighthouse.

I like the curved boardwalk and the view of the water. I especially like how you’ve maintained visibility into the shadows which could have become quite dark. Nice shooting.

I like a lot this image.
There is a path in direction of the horizon, and even farther… This creates an ascending movement in your image, towards Heaven.
Well done, Rian

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