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biloxi lighthouse

..walking westwards towards the biloxi lighthouse and saw these funny looking birds (i can’t name them) staring out at the sea.. the funny thing was that while approaching them, one bird (the leader, i suppose) would quack or squalk..or whatever birds do, and tell the others that an intruder is approaching them, so they would take to the air one by one (like a sheet of cloth) and slowly land farther away from me (again, like a sheet of cloth).. this went on for about 15 minutes, and i was still thinking of a way to capture the “flow”.. (**i’ve added an extra crappy post below of what i was trying to achieve) well, i gave up and screwed in a telephoto and ended up with this one instead..

From afar

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I like everything about this one. The focus on the bird in flight, the flock just beyond, and of course the lighthouse in the distance are all wonderful elements here.

Both are good shots…nice job capturing the lighthouse in the back of the larger shot. The one thought I had was this is when you need a random kiddo to run through the frame to help the sheet of birds fly up and back at the same time catch the kid’s delight.

I really like this shot. The foreground of sitting birds, the pelican overhead, the lighthouse, and even the street lights behind it. For whatever reasons it reminds me of a band or music. It has rhythm and each object is playing its own part and it’s not taking away from the overall feel. Sweet.

that ‘flow’ you’re talking about (almost like a cloud of birds) is really hard to photograph. i’ve tried quite a few times. some people can do it really well but i think it takes patience and a lot of shots. i like both images! especially that pink light in them.

well… i like both shots. the posted one has a nice stabilization to the flying by bird, the linked photo is nice because it captures the whole scenery. Nice! =D

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