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..not that i totally agree with what this picket sign says, but you get my point.. i don’t want rockets raining down my country’s border either but i also don’t want civilians getting hurt.. so here i am making a stand while sitting on my beanbag..

..protesters at 2nd ave where the israeli consulate is located (taken: 1/3/09)

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Its hard to stay neutral in this, but you have catured it well, the drama is still very much present.
I feel sorry for the innocent people that are caught in the middle of this war.

I wish there were more jaw, and less war! We have such a beautiful planet, and are privileged to dwell here for a short time, and yet we seek to destroy all others who do not agree with our views. So sad

I took enjoyed the humour in your bean bag reference, very well written

Excellent capture of this protest, you can feel the mood here. I guess living in New York you see these all the time. I can’t remember the last protest I saw, not that I desire one. Of course that is one’s privilege living here. Very thought provocative, Rian, nice job!

great protest shot. not an easy one to take something cool of either… the words on the signs always seem to get in the way… this speaks well as a photo though and the one clear sign gives great context and dynamism to it.

this image is really well framed. i like the contrast of the yellow on the black sky. also with everyone looking down or having a hood on one has the feeling of guilt. like we all have blood on our hands. nicely done.

There is such a complicated history in that part of the world. Seeing photos of dead babies in the Gaza brought a flood of tears on Christmas day. This sure does make a point. I sometimes think a solution will never be found.

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