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the B of A

..taken from bryant park, the brand-spankin’ new bank of america building..

(**copy, pasted, edited from Ivar’s page.. hehe..) I got an award yesterday from a talented blogger/photographer, Ivar . So now its my turn to send this award on its way to someone else. The rules are simple, link to the one you got the award from, send it on to up to 7 others and let them know you gave them an award… At least that’s the rules as I know them 😉 what Ivar did, i just choosed randomly.. and to make things easy and fair, i just ran this bit of code below, and came up with these.. 😀

SELECT comment_author_url, count( * ) AS ctr
FROM wp_comments
WHERE comment_author_url <> '%blu%'
GROUP BY comment_author_url
HAVING ctr >50
ORDER BY rand( )

22 replies on “the B of A”

love the blue and yellow in the glass. i miss sites like this from the city. montana has its own beauty but there’s something warm and comforting about that cold blue steel and glass with the little yellow lights and the swarm of people on the ground.

Well thats a great way to do it… I didn’t write any code though 🙂 just let the mouse go up and down until the finger couldn’t resist clicking (or something like that).

Really like the blue tones in this shot, and you know the scattered windows with light sets the mood perfectly.

Thank you, Rian. That’s the second award I’ve rec’d in one week and I’ve never rec’d anything before in my life. Still haven’t passed anything on. I’m at a loss with so many favorites and so much talent out there. Your image is just spectacular. Love how the trees look as if they’re mingling with the structures.

A beautiful shot of this building gleaming in the night. I like the use of the branches as a screen for the image. Isn’t it nice to know that we citizens now “own” a stake in BOA as they look out for us with loans and financial support! 🙂

Thanks, Rian…I know the phrase has “award”, “photography”, and my name attached to it, it has be randomly generated! 🙂 Really great evening shot…the colors are nicely done against the fading light of the towering skyscrapers in the blue hour. Nice shot angle…

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