color your life’s the middle of the week and some of you might be having a bad day because of the weather.. my wife says it’s gonna be pretty crappy in nyc so, grab a cup of coffee, hot choco or what not.. grab a beer for all i care.. just be happy.. 😀

**yeah yeah.. i know.. bad composition.. the guy’s got nowhere to “go to”.. but still i liked how it looked.. so there..

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I personally like the composition. I wasn’t looking forward to where the guy was going, but after admiring the bicycle which is a plus for me in any image:-) I was admiring your processing. Then, my eyes went upward to those wonderful steps. The only time I see things like that is on Law & Order…lol…seriously. Love your wife’s advice. B’lve I will:-)

A cool shot. Love the selective colouring and indeed, the composition (photographic rules be damned, I’ve never bothered with them myself ha ha). The architecture and the metal stairs absolutely shine. Excellent work

Well as a husband I know when to folloow the wifes advice (always) so even though its your wifes advice, I am working from home today.

Great shot, the snow coming in sideways says it all, and the colorful baloons is the added bonus 🙂 Well done

The guys as somewhere to go and that’s to a party. I was not going to grab a beer but since you don’t care then what the heck. I really like the photo, very cool!

Wow… borderline angry description there. If you feel he has nowhere to go, just change it to he already went. In that case, nice composition. I like the selective color. I didn’t realize you did this sort of ‘photoshop’ thing. Very nice. Different for you.

i like that he feels ‘held in’ the frame by the archway. almost feels like we are willing him not to go but to stay here with those wonderful balloons. also there is movement in the balloons particularly the bottom one – so i think this compensates.

Is this in the Bronx? – I like the composition and I like the guy walking out of the frame. And even though I am not a fan of selective coloring it works here and goes well with your wishes :} And where I am (about 50 miles north of the city) it is miserable indeed – I did not even bother taking the camera for a walk..

thanks! this was taken in inwood.. harlem.. approximately in the 200s streets.. well, i could just imagine how could it is there now.. tsk3.. 😀

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