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eiffel tagged

..haven’t gone out shooting for a while now, just stayed at home tagging some 453 gigs of photos.. i still have a bunch of goodies here so bear with me.. 🙂

..same place where i shot this..

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that’s my favorite color of blue, actually i painted my living room that color once, didn’t know it looked so good with pink 🙂 nice shot my friend

A very picturesque place (including the last shot of the steeple). The extensive graffiti is a sad fact of life. I wish those so inclined would consider doing legitimate sidewalk art where murals are wanted and promoted.

Don’t worry Rian, trust or not, I haven’t shot since dec. 27th. I’m not sure I still know, should not start with action shots 🙂 I am also working amongst my GB…
I was sure it was not Eiffel, even without seeing the other picture, this blue is not french 🙂

its probably not a good thing but i think the tagging enhances it. it seems like such a piece of art with the blue — the yellow and pink tags really, well, enhance something

I saw this yesterday and looked at it, at length. I must have imagined myself to be typing a comment and took it as reality. That happens to me a lot!

I usually go for tagging and graffiti especially in photos. This seems upsetting to me. That bronze plaque can’t really be painted over, so the photo seems to be pissing me off. It’s a nice photo, though with a nice angle and great symmetry. the bridge is quite beautiful.

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