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tilting the blues

..well, i’ve nothing much to say so, have fun with these specs..

City of New York
Manhattan Bridge
1901 – 1910

Total Length of Bridge
6855 Feet
Length of Main Span
1470 Feet
Length of Each Side Span
725 Feet
Width of Bridge
120 Feet
Height of Towers, M.H.W. To Center Of Cables
324.4 Feet
Depth of Trusses
24 Feet
Diameter of Cables
21 1/4 Feet
Breaking Strength of Each Cable
30000 Tons
Weight of Steel Towers
12340 Tons
Weight of Steel Cables
8000 Tons
Weight of Steel Suspended Spans
20000 Tons
Weight of Steel Approaches
16600 Tons
Masonry-Tower Foundations
78000 Cu. Yards
230000 Cu. Yards
32700 Cu. Yards
Weight of Bridge Per Linear Foot
24000 Pounds
Weight of Each Anchorage
232000 Tons

25 replies on “tilting the blues”

oh wow! great perspective. is it odd that i had no idea it was such a brilliant blue? you’d think that would be part of the american culture somehow as often as you see the bridge.

thanks! well, with the haze in the city, it’s no surprise that the blues are dulled by the “pollution” especially when viewed from afar.. 🙂

I like the angle you used to get this impressive angle of the rugged looking bridge. It has a fine coat of paint. The specifications are mind boggling. Nice shot.

Without reading your description it’s hard to point exactly what we are looking at 🙂
And I like it! It makes it a semi-abstract when looking at this part of the bridge up close.

That’s quite an interesting an colorful bridge when your eye isn’t glued to the road! Love this little series, especially this one. The angle makes you appear as a daredevil. I have to repeat again, Rian… you are everywhere! Very nice.

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