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..looks like an ashtray, no?

..another Enfuse experiment, a three-shot blend.. it still strips the exif but i was able to salvage it by adding the original layer under it.. took about 3-5 seconds to process 3 images, so it’s pretty fast.. no auto align feature yet, so had to do it in PS.. it does exhibit a bit of “halo-ing”..have to read up more about it..

..btw, this was taken somewhere in bermuda.. 🙂

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Funny how the overcast/rainy sky gives this little oasis a comforting feel, as if it could properly shelter you from the elements (although, you’d get your boots soaked!) 🙂

I like the colors very much and how they combine – the rocks have very interesting forms and the clarity of everything is terrific. As for any “halo-ing” if you had not mentioned it I would not have thought to look for it. I looked and still don’t see any.

Very nice picture and very nice place. The water is a beautiful color. It does kind of look like a mermaid smoking section. Sorry… merPEOPLE. I don’t see any offensive haloing either. Nice job.

hmm… it has good color depth. might have to play w/ something like that. … this looks like somewhere on the oregon coast. nice cragy rock. bet the water’s a bit warmer though 🙂

I was slow to find the ashtray. Yep, I admitted it publicly…I’m sleep deprived and yet I must have slept through this post. I nearly missed it altogether. This is a gorgeous capture. Love the water and those rocks are gorgeous.

Shapes of the rocks are awesome. Beyond the ashtray, there is some giant iguana lying on a rock, and this animal matches totally the dark mood of this marine landscape.

I saved the link you had and was reading up on it… Seems interesting. I’m thinking of maybe getting the panosaurus. I like the results you got here Rian. Looks good.

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