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something’s aglow’s a UFO USO surfacing from the east river..

*after reading mike’s comment, i changed UFO to USO because it makes perfect sense.. why hadn’t i thought of it.. maybe it’s because i’m off to bermuda again this weekend.. lol! ;D

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OK… not to sound like a broken record.. but… GREAT SKY! Blue cast usually makes me crazy, but I like it a lot here. Love the sun in the water you reference to what would be a USO. (I watch the History Channel a lot) Great pic Rian. Love this new software of yours.

oh this is gorgeous Rian! i love the color of the water and the sun on the low buildings in the foreground. this immediately made me think of an area where i used to ride my bike when i was a kid. thanks for the memories.

haha! thanks! 🙂
i know.. i try to make these hdrs look as natural as possible, but if i can’t, to hell with it.. i post it.. 😀

Great composition. This must be the backside. I don’t know why but it has that feel. Really like the saturated blue/yellow combo going on in everything too. Totally jealous of the Bermuda trip.

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