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big fishy

..i’m pretty much threatened by any fish bigger than a foot swimming beside me, and as tempted as i was to take a dip,  with no one in sight, i thought it prudent to stay clear of the water.. 😀 who knows, a shark might have been lurking down there too.. i think i’ve been watching too much shark week..

Most people don’t know it, but sharks are extremely common in Bermuda’s waters. The good news is that sharks on the whole, and especially the ones found around Bermuda, are extremely harmless creatures which rarely come close to the shore. More often than not, sharks will try and avoid direct contact with humans.

The most abundant types found around Bermuda are the Galapagos and dusky sharks, both noted for being particularly passive. The last reported shark attack in Bermuda was a minor incident over 30 years ago. ()

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Better safe and warm, than cold and sorry I would say. 🙂

Looks like a nice size fish, but I don’t think it is a shark (no expert though) Nice photo, really like the rock formation in the upper half of the pic, but it still is the clear water that amazes me, so clear and such a great color too.

Cool shot…those waters are beautifully clear. In the “more often than not” portion of the comment, there is still a chance for the exception and it’s the “not” in the phrase you have to think about. I still would have gone in as well.

The clarity and color of the water and the rock formations make for a great shot. Too bad though, the water looks pretty warm. Maybe you could have ridden it for a while! I believe it’s best to dangle my wife or son in front of danger… just in case.

The water looks phosphorescent or radioactive or something unnatural yet quite pretty – amazing colors, even the fish seems an odd color – better to stay clear :}

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