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moleman series: time warner center

..ah, monday.. wouldn’t it be nice if you were at the mall now? 🙂

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I don’t know how your lens works, but I like the appearance of this one very much. It doesn’t seem to be a perfect circle and some of the objects are easier to see and yet it’s still so cool. Love the colors in this one, but the asics logo captured my attention. Our oldest son was an All State Champion in cross country and track and he wore out shoes faster than we wore out tires on our car. I remember this brand with fond memories. Along with Adidas, and, and, and…lol

thanks! 😀 well, it probably looks like an optical illusion, but trust me, it’s a circle.. ;D the way this mall looked made it a great candidate for the moleman..

..woah, that is indeed costly.. but at least he had a bunch of medals/trophies to show for it.. 😀

This is superb. What a fun photo to watch. The longer you look at this, more details are exposed.
It’s a good thing Elaine posted a link to your blog! 🙂

it certainly looks stunning from the fisheye angle! BTW, the player is monta ellis of the golden state warriors. I’ll try to get a photo of lebron or kobe one day when i go to the more expensive nba games lol. great shot!

haha.. thanks! and yep, i’m all for the superstars.. now if only their game tickets weren’t so expensive i might be tempted to watch them too.. 😀

Great addition to the moleman series… excellent composition and clairty. I been to a few games when the Pacers where a team not a bunch of thugs (I guess they are working becoming a team again now) and saw Reggie, that was fun 🙂

NICE! 4+ stories, perfectly centered — you can’t lie with that grid there — that’s a sweet fisheye, and a tough shot with the variety of lighting situations going on.

What a great shot. It says so much in the way of seeing all of the architecture and the goings on throughout the area… and what a view through the front doors! Good work Rian… Love that lens too!

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